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Fitness Equipment


Zhejiang Raytheon Technology CO.,LTD has been committed to the international business of top quality fitness equipment and kitchenware since founded in 1982,with 5 subsidiary factories: Zhejiang Hengyuan Fitness Equipment Co.,Ltd,Zhejiang Hengyuan Cleaning Utensil Co.,Ltd, Yongkang Hengyuan Plastics and Hardware Mould Factory,Yongkang Hengyuan Houseware Factory and Yongkang Hengyuan Hardware&Electric Appliance Factory.


Our company is a 20-year customer of Alibaba, sponsor of Alibaba Trustpass, and the strategic partner of Alibaba; Raytheon Company,honored with "enterprise of Abiding by Contract and Being Trustworthy", is the trademark owner of "AS SEEN ON TV" in the TV shopping industry, and have passes BSCI and GS international factory inspection certification. Moreover, our products have passed various kinds of tests, inc. CE, ENISO20957, EMC, REACH, ROHS and PAHS conducted by TUV Rheinland and BV. We are also the star enterprise of Alibaba on CCTV ads in July, August and September of 2010.


·Intellectual Property Rights

More than 5000 patents covering 122 countries and regions ensures that our customers can sell our products freely over the world.We are one of the few manufacturers who owns worldwide independent IPR(Global Patents,Global Trademark,Global Copyright,Global Spokesmodel Portraiture Right) in the fitness equipment industry of China.

·Mini Package

Internationally patented technology of TOTALLY-FOLDABLE-DESIGN enables us to minimize the measurement of big-size fitness equipments to the limit,thus they can fit in smart and portable gift box which saves freight costs up to more than 70% for our customers,and fits any kind of sales channel as well,inc.mail order and gift order.


ZERO DEFECT,FREE OF AFTER-SALES policy and FULL-INSPECTION QC system ensures genuine top quality and taste.Core components of new products enjoy a life-time warranty!

·Delivery Time

15 days shortest for repeat orders.

·Marketing Campaigns

We’ve been devoted to TV shopping business for more than 18 years.Our new products R&D is oriented towards TV shopping.Every launch of new product can always cause a sensation and trigger rounds and rounds of sales upsurge.Not only our customers but we invest a lot to shoot TV Shopping informercial, so that our customers can save a lot of time and investment in commercial video shooting,and launch TV shopping campaigns directly with our informercials.


We own 22 sets of NC injection machines,130 sets of metal finishing equipments,and full sets of endurance testing facilities in house.We're capable of providing superior one-stop service, throughout the entire process,from designing ,molding and tooling of new product, to mass production,export and after-sales.


We are one of the few manufacturers who exports to overseas countries under self-owned brand in the fitness equipment industry of China.Around 60% of our production have been exported to Japan under our own brands (HENGYUAN & LEISHEN) for over 15 years.LEISHEN is the only Chinese national brand in overseas fitness equipment field.

We've been working with leading giants in the field,among them are CAINZ,ALINCO,ALPEN, NISSEN,ITOCHU, CGT, AZUMA, YAMAZAKI, NITORI from Japan,GS(CJ),SAMSUNG, LOCK&LOCK from Korea,BH, CARREFOUR,SIPLEC (E.LECLERC) EHS,JML, RONALD,PEARL GROUP,BMW from Europe.ACE from Indonesia.MOMO,ETTODAY from Taiwan.


HaoHu Road ,GuShan Industry Zone,Yongkang City,Zhejiang Province,321306 China Around 50KM away from Yiwu airport, 200KM from Hangzhou airport,230KM from Ningbo,380KM from Shanghai.


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Add:HaoHu Road ,GuShan Industry Zone, YongKang City, ZheJiang, China
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