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Fitness Equipment
Declaration Safeguarding Rights:

At present, our patent product is : Fitness Equipment Series . At present, our factory is the exclusive manufacturer of this patent product in the world . In mainland of China, no cooperative enterprise is gr anted the right to produce or sell ours.

Our factory has put on record for the patent/trademark of this product at national custom, meanwhile declared for international patent and international trademark and implemented strict investigation and punishment with domestic and foreign cooperation.

The exclusive trademark for this patent product is HENGYUAN brand. The product patent/trademark is exclusive. We remind various customers to pay attention to the identification and distinguish fake products.

We are possessed of ten national patents. The patent technology right in this product has covered a wide range. And the new type of practical patent belongs to a kind of technologically monopolic one, falling into updated one that can not be ultimately decoded. Any improvement in or imitation of the appearance, dimension, shape or functions should be deemed as conduct of rights violation.

Anyone is welcomed to provide us with clues of such activities as producing, selling fake products and violation of ours' rights. And we promise to offer real rewards to anyone. Our company has hired professional lawyers for legal rights protection.

To safeguard the healthy development of customers' selling market and to protect the independent intellectual rights of our products, you're welcomed to provide us with clues of such activities as producing, selling fake products and violation of ours' rights.

We welcome both domestic and overseas trade companies to participate in the reporting of manufacturers with ulterior motives and protect our common market. Our company promises to provide real rewards in return.

Once law-execution departments prove the truth of your reporting, a bonus of RMB 50000 will be rewarded by our factory.

Our products have been regarded as MADE IN JAPAN products over the past 10 years and have been RE-EXPORTED from Japan to HK,Taiwan, Singapore,Malaysia,Indonesia,Thailand,Vietnam,and VIP.COM China.

We’ve been exporting to Japan under our own brands (HENGYUAN & LEISHEN) for over 15 years.We’ve been devoted to TV shopping business for more than 18 years.Our new products R&D is always oriented towards TV shopping,and our products are patented in 122 countries and districts so as to protect our customers’ legal rights and interests.Every launch of new product can always cause a sensation and trigger rounds and rounds of sales upsurge.

All our products are for export with 95% of which targetting Japanese market. We’ve been exporting to Japan under our own brands for over 15 years.We own 500 national and international patents.>

RAYTHEON is the only Chinese national brand in overseas fitness equipment field.

Our Guarantee: Core components of new products enjoy a life-time warranty!


We look forward to cooperating with your company.

As a factory devoted to new commodities R&D, we are looking forward to the deep cooperation with top qualified corporations who possess sufficient experiences in TV shopping business.

Please provide an explicit and detailed business plan for our evaluation.We can predict the sales outcome based on our 18 years experiences of TV shopping business.Likewise,we can predict the sales performance by reviewing your TV shopping infomercial.

We evaluate and choose exclusive distributors primarily based on customers’ buying performance.Therefore,please show us how good your buying performance could be,before we talk about exclusivity issues

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