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Our company specializes in producing and processing bakelite and plastic products with high-quality,high-precision and high-difficulty.Our products are exported to market in Japan and we cooperate with Japanese manufacturer in the mode of OEM/ODM in recent years. Our predominance in producing and processing is plastic products/ high temperature insulation bakelite/ bakelite products/ hardware punch/ hydraulic tensioning (kitchen ware and hardware boiler)

We have cooperated with Japanese renowned manufacturers for many years and accumulated rich experiences in techniques and management. Currently we have 22 sets of equipment of automatic computer injection/ bakelite and 130 sets of hardware products smoothing machinery and production line. There are over 30 personnel engaging in technical study, for which we have strong technical force. The Corporation can provide one package service including cooperative development and design, mould manufacture, producing and processing.

Equipment List of Hengyuan Plant

Injection mold machine: 200g---3000g total: 16 sets
Lathe: Total:12 sets
Drill press: Total: 9 sets
Punch: 63T-215T total: 23 sets
Hydraulic press: 100T-2000T total: 19 sets
Polisher: Total: 13 sets
Cutter sharpening machine: Total: 4 sets
Allumen die-casting machine: 150T---600T total: 16 sets
Argon welder, oxygen welder, CO2 welder, electric welder, Allumen composite sole welder and ultrasonic plastic welder total: 14 sets (braze, iron welding stainless steel welding, plastic welding, welding of composite sole of stainless steel + aluminum, direct welding, roll welding, spot welding).
Production line of full automatic carburate heat treatment Total : 1 line
Production line of flame platting and drying tunnel of porcelain enamel Total: 3 lines
Production line of nontacky flame platting and drying tunnel Total: 6 lines
Mould workshop: Full automatic linear cutting machine
Total: 2 sets
Full automatic electric impulse machine
Total: 2 sets
Milling machine of microcomputer numerical control Total:2 sets
CAD Designer
CAD Designer
Processing Example
Processing Example
PET - Bottle-blowing Machine
Plastic Injection Molding Machine
Hydraulic Press
Compound Welder
Large Lathe
Heat Transfer Machine (Printing)
Full Automatic Ultrasonic Washer
Numerical Control Processing Center
Automatic Flame Plating Production Line
Workshop Flow Line
Packing Workshop
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