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Ever since the popularity and fashion of SCOOTER skateboards in last years, the world market rarely witnesses such a new patent product. Our boasts combine a lot of advantages not only in promotion but also in their practical functions and use effects. All talented people in business community are warmly welcomed to join us to open up the international market.

It's for your success and reputation, and also for our enterprise's growth and accomplishment.
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Background of Patent:
In current ,there are two kinds of mops on market , which including cotton yarn and PVA collodion cotton, but both can’t cleanse the floor by floor only one dusting surface. After mopping, the cotton yarn, it also needs washed by hands, and will mould after some times' use. As to PVA mop, its spin-drier is easy to mangle, the collodion cotton ossify and disrepair quickly and often need replaced that ultimately results in increasing the customers' cost.

Functions and advantages:
It is 3 times stronger in absorbency , 4-6 times in dust adhesion, 6 times longer service life than ordinary mops and 5 times wider in cleaning area which can replace dishcloth, broom, mop, window wiper & dust collector, clean 5 rooms successively (carpet in bedroom→ wooden floor in parlor→granite in kitchen→tile in toilet→cement floor in garage), effectively remove the grease & dirt while absorbing dusts and waters.

The product is a machine that household work and cleanse quickly with multifunctional fittings. One-off cleaning dusts on the floor with no besmirch and water trace left. The dusts and hairs will be absorbed on the static fibre roller of Mop and not dirty other areas. While cleaning, turn the metal handle and then dust-resistant roller will circumgyrate, the cleaning surfaces transform from one to five, which means the mop can cleanse areas as much as five mops do. 1/5 of roller is enough for cleansing one room without wetting and dirtying hands. By converse turning ,both of the dust robber sides can be opened and disassembled , so it is easy to be washed.

Quick-washing Way:
Dip the roller directly in the scour for some time, rinse with water (static fibre and alkalescence scour will cause excluding reaction), and then make the metal pole run quickly to dry the roller.

The product adopts the automatic technology of assembling, removing with the function of self-destruction against imitation.

The products are widely used for family, office, and wooden floor at hotel, floor brick, wallpaper, ceiling, glass and car's surface. Also it can be assembled with a pair of rollers as a static dust-resistant dishcloth for TV, computer, high-grade furniture and car.


Magic Rolling Mop Functions and Advantages

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